Working for California’s Health

Hospitals and health systems across the state benefit from membership in the California Hospital Association (CHA) and their Regional Association: the Hospital Council Northern and Central California, Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) or Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties (HASD&IC). These organizations work together in coordinated representation and advocacy, with shared resources and operational efficiency.

State/Federal Focus

CHA is responsible for state and federal policies, issues, regulations and relationships.

Regional Focus

Hospital Council, HASC and HASD&IC are responsible for local and regional policies, issues, regulations and relationships, as well as supporting CHA’s efforts at the state and federal levels.

Quality and Patient Safety Focus

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) implements all quality and patient safety programs on behalf of the associations.


The associations and HQI support and assist each other in efforts to achieve goals approved through their various policymaking mechanisms. Each association adopts coordinated, congruent priorities and goals.